Will they vote?

It’s close quarters at the Jack Nicklaus Grill in the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Good “working” conditions for me, according to Christina.

“You’re going to want to listen to these two,” she whispers when I return from the restroom.

But the women go silent. They pay their check and leave.

When Christina returns, I ask her to fill me in.

“The first woman was saying how she didn’t know about Trump, but that it would be interesting to have a female president.”

“What did the second woman say?”

“She just nodded.”


“But then the first woman said she didn’t know if she could vote for Hillary.”

“Something about her character or trustworthiness?”

“No. She said she hadn’t voted in decades and didn’t know if she was still registered.”


“Her friend said she wasn’t sure if she was registered either, but that she’d just wait and see if she got something in the mail. If not…”

Christina holds out her hands, palms up, suggesting that the second woman will leave her vote to chance.

“That makes me sick,” Christina continues. “People in other countries are literally dying for that right.”

“Do you think they’re from Florida?”

“Probably,” Christina says. “There’s a large jackass population here.”

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