Racism in your feed

I don’t go looking for hate speech online. There are better things to do with your time. But I do spend a lot of time scanning Twitter, especially in the middle of a major news story. It took me two clicks this evening to find a neo nazi. His profile tells readers:

  1. He’s totally comfortable with a Swastika for his background.
  2. Whoever made his Hitler-Obama picture opted to shade more toward Hitler; I’d say 65/35.
  3. He’s the proud father of a Marine.
  4. He’s “not a thinker,” so he “mostly just retweets.” (That may have been his attempt at humor, if so, it certainly falls under the funny b/c it’s true rule).

I mention this because I’ve been hearing a lot of people say that they aren’t seeing racism in their feeds. That’s great news! But the world is much bigger than your feed, and the racists and the neo nazis and all those who hate are speaking freely and often right now.

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