Famous people

Sandwiches al fresco.

A man in a suit asks his Los Angeles counterpart about celebrity sightings.

“I used to see Leonardo DiCaprio sometimes at this bar I go to,” the LA suit says. “But not for a while. I guess he found a new bar.”

“Leo! Wow. That guy is on top of the world right now. Who else?”

“I saw that guy from Office Space eating lunch at this Mexican place once.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Funny thing was, he looked like he was in a scene from Office Space because he was just eating lunch like a normal person.”

“What’s that guy’s name?”

“No idea. But I’ve seen him in other stuff.”

They both agree that Office Space is a “great” movie.

“You know who I see a lot,” the LA suit says. “Jason Alexander.”





“Unreal. Where?”

“Just walking around.”

“He just walks around?”


“That’s a lifetime highlight right there — GEORGE.”

“I know,” says the LA suit. “It’s pretty great out here.”

I’m not part of the conversation, but I have to agree. Celebrities drinking, eating, and walking in their natural habitat; Los Angeles truly is a land of magic and wonder.

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