Cord cutting is political (at least, it can be)

I had always said that as long as you needed cable to watch Dodgers baseball I would subscribe. But I cut the cord earlier this year for some convoluted reasons.

First, baseball was long gone by the summer of 2016, at least for me. A greedy media deal and my grudge against Time Warner and their lousy service made me want to quit. Then a pointless price hike from my provider made me think about a world without cable. Except The Walking Dead was coming back, so I decided to stay, because AMC knows its stuff. Only… the season left me wondering what the hell was going on (more so than usual), and the finale just made me feel used. So I did it. I cut the cord.

And that’s when I began to feel happier. Ok, it actually wasn’t right away, and it helped that I’ve been working on some personal goals, but life without cable had a real advantage during this awful election – I received a minimal dose of cable news.

I stayed informed. I continued to subscribe to newspapers and a few magazines and I discovered the PBS app on my television. My wife and I made it a habit to watch NewsHour and discuss the show.

Interestingly, my wife’s first reaction to what has become our evening routine was to say, “holy shit, this is like a real news show.”

It was as if we had come off a decade’s long junk food binge and tasted real food once again. An hour of news with reports and interviews is a shock to the system that has been sucking down a diet of spin and infotainment.

I mention this because I’ve seen a lot of people blame the media. I’ve also heard a lot of people do some soul searching and ask what they can do?

One choice is to cut the cord. If you think cable news is toxic crap that contributes to the problem, you shouldn’t watch it. But remember, your subscription dollars still help fund cable news because you buy the bundle.

Is it a sacrifice? Sort of. A little. But not really. With the money you save, you can buy your entertainment and news direct from the source. That’s usually the best way to make sure you get what you’re paying for.

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One thought on “Cord cutting is political (at least, it can be)”

  1. Mickie Sedillo says:

    Thanks for the tip on the news. I will find it on PBS. Lately I have been listening to PBS.
    Secondly, I am not as strong as you. I can’t quit my Dodgers, and yes the Walking Dead was wierd and bizarre but I am willing to give it one more chance.
    If you need to watch either just stop on by. You have become one of my favorite writers. Thank you.

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