Coffee at 420 degrees

Two baristas bent at the waist, eyes glued to their phones.

“Sorry,” one baristas says as they shift their attention to their customer. “We were just looking up coffee recipes.”

“Really?” I ask.

They both giggle.

“No, not really,” the other barista says. “I was looking at Facebook.”

“And I was looking at this.”

The second barista turns his phone to me. There’s a picture of Jesus — classic Jesus in a robe with clouds and streaks of sunshine behind him. The picture is a meme and the text says: “Oh shit! It’s Jesus! Hide the weed!”

“Damn,” the other barista says. “I love that meme.”

They giggle, but I’m not sure I get the joke.

“Isn’t Jesus supposed to be omniscient?” I ask. “Because if he is, he already knows you have weed.”

The two baristas share a look, then the one who was looking at the meme says, “I just don’t want him to steal my weed.”

“Not that we have any weed,” the other barista quickly adds.

Then they start to giggle. You don’t have to be omniscient to know that these baristas are liars.

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