Career opportunity

He’s about twice her age and full of career advice. She’s taking notes.

He says he used to be an agent, but then one day he decided to become an artist. “I sold a painting in Moscow, which is crazy because we don’t even have diplomatic relations with Russia.”

She’s very impressed, wants to know how he did it.

He launches into a lengthy lecture about how eliminating the word “no” from your vocabulary is the key to success.

“What if the answer is no?” she asks.

“Then leave the door open,” he says. “Say that it’s possible. People respond to what is possible.”

She writes everything down. She wants to be a filmmaker, so she asks about his producing credits.

“Did you see any of those films?”

She doesn’t want to say no, but he lets her off the hook.

“It’s cool,” he says. “I haven’t seen them either.”

He explains how, as a producer, he’s “not really involved in the production, per se.” He explains how he can spot talent, which is why he took this meeting with her, and how he likes to “put artists together with artist.”

“Like an agent?”

“That’s one way to see it,” he says. “But I see it as an art, just like my painting, my sculpting, my photography, and my singing.”

She’s wowed by all the art this one man can produce. She asks if there are any opportunities to work together.

“It’s possible,” he says. “There are some projects and a lot of possibilities.”

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