Writers not writing

Two guys sitting next to me talking about writing.

Guy in a trucker hat has questions about theme, process, and how to tell a dark story without “bumming people out.”

Guy drinking coconut water tells him to end on a hopeful note. “That way you can go super dark and nobody gets depressed watching your stuff.” As for process, he suggests writing something and if it’s not “flowing like you know it should,” you switch to something else “like that” [snaps].

They both agree that you can’t be a writer without a deadline. Without deadlines you’re just a “poser,” Coconut Water says.

The conversation shifts to a lengthy and detailed discussion of which gym is better: LA Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness.

Trucker Hat makes a strong case for LA Fitness, but Coconut Water insists the clientele at 24 Hour Fitness is better looking, which helps you motivate to “crush it.”

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