Venti opportunity

Waiting in line at my local Starbucks, a fellow customer offers to partner with me on a “can’t miss business.”

“Look at this line,” he says. “You and me should open a coffee place across the street. We’d make a fortune.”

“All we need is capital,” I say. “Do want to put up the money?”

“Sure,” he says. “But you run the place because you look like you know a lot about coffee.”

“I know how to order it,” I say.

He tells me that’s great, then offers his bona fides.

“Years ago, I told anyone who would listen that people would line up to pay $4 for coffee,” he says. “People thought I was nuts, but I was right. I was way ahead of everyone.”

The barista calls my order. I take my drink to my seat, secure in the knowledge that if I ever do get my hands on a time machine, I know just the man to finance my coffee empire.

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