Try the mashed potatoes

Waiting in line at my market’s prepared food counter.

The man in front of me wants to know about the mashed potatoes. “They look hard as hell,” he says to the guy behind the counter.

The counter guy asks if he wants a sample.

“No,” the man says. “Just lift the spoon up and down, so I can see if they’re hard.”

The counter man looks puzzled, offers a free sample.

“Just listen to me,” the man says. “Just move the spoon. Move the spoon.”

“I’ll get you a sample,” the counter guy says.

As the counter guy lifts the spoon to make a sample, the man says, “Forget it!” Then he walks off in a huff without any mashed potatoes.

I step up to the counter. The counter guy asks me if I want the sample.


The mashed potatoes were soft, creamy, and delicious.

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