Thanks Obama

An elderly woman lays down on the couch in the doctor’s office waiting room.

A minute later, two nurses come out to check on her.

“I’m just tired,” she says. “I didn’t sleep last night and I did a lot of gardening today.”

Doesn’t matter, they take her vitals.

A random old guy starts diagnosing the rash on the woman’s arm, but nobody listens to him.

“I’m sorry if I’m bothering people,” the woman says.

One of the nurses asks if she’s a patient here.

“No. I’m waiting for my son. He’s a patient.”

They say her vitals are normal.

“I’m just tired,” she says. “I don’t mean to bother people.”

A security guard arrives. Staffers gather around. The old man won’t shut up about her rash.

Another woman answers her cell. The security guard whips around, points to the “no phones” sign, shows her the door.

The receptionist comes out. She says she told the woman she could lay down.

“I’m just tired,” the woman says. “I did a lot of gardening.”

“We can’t have her just laying here,” one of the nurses pleads.

A wheelchair arrives. They ask the woman if she can get in the chair.


She gets up, walks over to the chair, sits down.

“You have a rash!” the old man yells.

“I know,” the woman responds. “Had it for years.”

As they wheel her back to one of the exam rooms, she shrugs. “This is a really good doctor’s office.”

The elderly woman is right; they didn’t even ask her for a co-pay.

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