Taped in front of a dead studio audience

I had an opportunity to watch the taping of The Talking Dead last night. Usually, I watch the show alone. Well, alone with the dog because you really want your dog with you in the zombie apocalypse. Watching The Walking Dead with a live studio audience probably isn’t something I’ll repeat anytime soon, but it was cool to get a closer look at the fandom that surrounds a show I can’t stop watching.

1. Some people cheered, especially when Rick “got his balls back,” as one 50-something woman said while we watched the episode back stage.

2. Most people back stage wanted Beth to die before we saw the episode. Afterward, when we moved to the studio, I think most people felt bad when the actress who played Beth started to cry about missing her friends from the show.

3. Only one woman screamed. It was really loud and it had several distinct blasts, kind of like a shofar. Eventually, she got control of herself, but seemed a little embarrassed when the lights came on.

4. Chris Hardwick is a joke machine. He also seems to be running the show off his iPhone. Or, he just can’t stop checking his email.

5. The show thrives on fan interaction. The most bizarre, and rather troubling, Skype question was a couple from Queens. The wife wanted to know, on behalf of their child, if it was ok if the dad kissed the actress who plays Maggie. That’s how she put: our son wants to know if dad can kiss Maggie.

6. The best/weirdest Skype call of the night came from a dude named Gig Guy. I’m so glad he exists. But I’m also glad he lives far away.

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