Talking skills with my dentist

Talk turns to Thanksgiving and my dentist wants to know what my plans are.

“I’m making the turkey.”






“Yes. Seriously, I do most of the cooking.”

Despite my insistence, my dentist remains doubtful.

“You don’t look like you can cook,” she says. “You have a face of a tech person.”

I’m not sure why tech and culinary are mutually exclusive, or how my face indicates either one. But my dentist is adamant.

“You look like you can code.”

“I can’t.”




“Seriously. I’m a total disaster around technology. It’s like some invisible cloud follows me around, and stuff just doesn’t work, and I get really frustrated, and I spend hours trying to fix something, and then Christina comes home, presses one button, and suddenly it works.”

“Wow! She’s good with technology. And you are not good.”

“I am not good at all. So I cook and she’s tech support. That’s what’s great about marriage — complimentary skill sets.”

“That’s where I went wrong,” she says. “I married a dentist. Nobody cooks, nobody knows how to fix a computer.”

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