Talk about an amazing beard

Walk up to the counter at Cactus to order a taco, but the woman behind the counter has other ideas.

“I’m not a cashier, so I can’t take your order,” she says. “But I’ll be happy to make conversation until a cashier comes back.”

“Sure,” I say. “Let’s do this.”

“Cool. So… that’s an amazing beard you got.”


“Yeah, I wish I had a beard that was that big and glorious.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes, I do. Don’t judge me.”

“Who’s judging? You want a beard, have a beard. But it comes with a price.”

“For instance?”

“Hummus,” I say. “That’s just one of dozens of foods that can get stuck in there.”

“Dang. That would suck. And I’ll bet it’s a fire hazard too.”

“It is,” I say.

“Well, crap. What’s the upside?”

“It’s a great conversation piece,” I say.

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