Take it easy rider

On the bike this morning at the gym. The old man biking next to me tapped me on the shoulder to ask a few questions.

Him: Are you listening to iTunes?

I take my headphones off, he keeps his on.

Me: No.

Him: What?

[This exchange goes on for a while, longer than it should have]

Me: I’m listening to audible.

Him: But you need iTunes for that, right?

Me: No, it’s an app.

Him: But you pay for it?

Me: No. It’s free, but you pay for the books you listen to.

Him: Oh. So I’m guessing you want to listen to your book now?

Me: Yes, actually.

Him: Sorry. I won’t bother you.

We ride for a few more minutes and then he taps me on the shoulder again.

Him: What do you think of this guy who owns the Clippers?

Me: I think he’s a racist asshole.

The old guy turns away from me and starts talking to the guy on the other side of him for a while. A few minutes later, the old guy gets off his bike and signals for me to take of my headphones.

Him: I got to go to the bathroom, will you watch my bike?

Me: Um… sure.

Him: Just say something if someone wants it, but don’t get into a fist fight over it or anything, it’s just a bike.

Me: Good call.

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