Stupid grows up

Two teenage boys talking about the weekend.

The younger boy is “probably” going to a party where he’s “definitely going to fight some fools.”

The older boy says he sounds like the fool. “You’re going to get your ass kicked.”

“No I won’t,” the younger boy says. “I’m bringing a taser.”

“That’s really stupid. If something happens, your dumb butt will go to jail.”

The younger boy insists that he doesn’t want any trouble, but that some of his friends “scrap.”

“I know your friends,” the older boy says. “They’re in ninth grade and they’re all stupid because all ninth graders are stupid.”

“But what do I do about that party?”

“Just don’t go.”

The younger boy thinks about this for a while. Then he asks if one day he’ll be as smart as the older boy?

“Probably,” the older boy says. “I used to be way dumber than you, but I’m going to be a senior next year. You just get smarter as you grow up.”

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