Small talk with tech support

The AT&T tech support guy makes small talk while he helps me troubleshoot an Internet connection issue.

Tech Support: So… how are things?

Me: Things are good. How are things with you?

Tech Support: Things are good, thank you for asking. (Pause). Michael, do you have Facebook?

Me: Um. Yeah.

Tech Support: How many friends do you have?

Me: Uh… somewhere between 400 and 500.

Tech Support: Wow! Do you know that many people?

Me: Yes. Pretty much all of my Facebook friends are people I’ve met in real life.

Tech Support: I don’t know that many people.

Me: I’m… sorry?

Tech Support: How often do you use Facebook?

Me: Pretty much everyday. I check everyday; I post a few times a week.

Tech Support: Maybe I should go on there more to get more friends.

Me: Maybe.

Tech Support: Are you updating your status right now?

Me: No.

Tech Support: Why not?

Me: Because you told me to disconnect the modem.

Tech Support: Oh. (Pause). Ok, that’s enough time. Please connect the modem again.

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