Questions from a long layover

Our layover is long, and so I have ample time to ponder some questions.

Does the woman yelling at her husband about their “cheap ass” travel plans know that he has tuned out?

Is this the first time this dude has posted up in the men’s room to eat a bag of baby carrots, or is this his usual travel routine?

Why is that there’s always one automatic faucet that doesn’t work?

How is that I always manage to find that inoperable faucet?

Where does the woman wearing the “not today” shirt shop?

Why does the gate agent think the passengers going to Raleigh are gullible enough to believe her when she says checking a bag at the gate is a “wonderful” experience?

Does the man traveling with his granddaughter know that he is Joe Biden’s doppelgänger?

How stupid do you have to be to leave your iPhone unattended at the charging station?

How many more missed calls before I answer said phone?

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