Questions abound on the ride back from Vegas

What’s the casino scene in Primm?

Is this the trip I finally say screw it and take the road to Zzyzx?

What’s the point of an agriculture inspection if they just wave everyone through?

How much money does that guy biking the 15 spend on sun tan lotion?

Why is that truck still in the fast lane?

How hard is that Mad Greek crushing it?

What’s the situation with the person who lives in that lonely house in the middle of the desert?

Was this stretch of road used in Swingers?

How many Warren Zevon songs before DJ Ferg Alert calls an audible?

Is there a key for the Jack In The Box men’s room, or is there a potential situation behind that door?

What if Roy Choi opened a roadside place in Baker?

How far out on the 210 would you live?

Doesn’t anybody respect the HOV lane?

Do you think it’s faster if we get off at Buena Vista?

When will I learn to navigate Burbank with confidence?

Honey, do you want to walk Morty, or take the bags in?

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