Power breakfast

Their salad days are behind them, so Josh and Tony sit down to breakfast to discuss career options.

Tony is a salesman, but he “sucks at it” because he’s “too honest.” His plan is to go back to school to become a nurse.

“I might not like it,” he admits. “But at least I can save a life if the shit gets real.”

Josh wishes he had that kind of passion. He drives for Uber/Lyft, which is “ok.”

“Have you thought about teaching?” Tony asks. “I guess you’d need to go back to school, right?”

“No,” says Josh. “Check this out: when I dropped out I was only short a few credits, but I called them and they lowered the standards, so I found out that I actually graduated!”

“Wow! That’s great!”

“Yeah, but I can’t teach for LAUSD because my GPA is too low.”

“Fuck,” Tony says. “I guess that’s good news, bad news.”

“Whatever, it’s not like I want to teach. I just wish I had the option to teach.”

They both agree that you have to keep your options open.

“Well, what do you want to do?” Tony asks.

“I don’t know, I just want a good job like my sister.”

“What does she do?”

“I don’t really know what she does, but I know she has a good job downtown.”



Tony wants to help. He throws out career ideas rapid-fire, but Josh shoots each one down with a shrug.

“There’s got to be something,” Tony insists.

Josh just shakes his head.

“Honestly, it’s not like it really matters,” Josh says. “I mean, it’s all just bullshit, dude.”

Josh explains how the universe is random, how there is no meaning to life, and how he saw on Reddit that we are all probably living in a computer simulation that’s like the Matrix, “but not as cool as the Matrix.”

“That’s bullshit,” Tony says. “You don’t believe that crap.”

“Yes I do.”

“Really? If it’s all just bullshit, then why did you order the fitness plate? Why not live it up and have pancakes and bacon?”

Josh doesn’t have an answer, not about food or the meaning of life anyway. But he does have an idea for his career.

“Maybe something with the Internet,” he suggests.

“There you go,” Tony says. “The Internet is big these days.”

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