Pam and Greg and the hot sauce of truth

Pam and her mom grab a table.

Pam’s husband Greg arrives five minutes later.

The food arrives.

Greg gets up for Tapatío. While he’s gone, Pam takes two bites of her wrap, realizes there was a mix-up.

“Mine isn’t supposed to have rice,” Pam says. “Do you think Greg will notice?”

Pam swaps her wrap out with Greg’s.

“Maybe he’ll think he ate it,” Pam says. “Our secret.”

Greg returns, hits his wrap with hot sauce, eats.

Pam shares the latest news. The “awful” people Pam and Greg are buying a home from didn’t disclose structural damage.

“Supposedly it’s just drywall,” Pam says. “Who are they kidding?”

Mom shakes her head. Greg says they’re just trying to make an extra buck. Pam will hold their feet to the fire.

Meanwhile, Pam’s mom wants to know about her grandson. Pam explains how he’s breaking up with his girlfriend.


“He always has to initiate,” Pam says. “He’s always the one to make plans, or he never hears from her. He’s been testing her since homecoming, waiting to see if she texts or calls. Nothing.”

“Wasn’t this the problem with the last one?” grandma asks.

“Yes,” Pam says. “He tests them all.”

“Why doesn’t he just talk to them?”

“That’s what I keep telling him,” Greg says. “I’m trying to teach him that you need honest communication to make a relationship work.”

Greg returns to his wrap, none the wiser.

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