Long Line Season at CVS

The line at the CVS is long, but this is to be expected. This is the Long Line season. Thankfully, my company is excellent.

The woman who is so obviously over this line sighs at regular intervals. Each time she finds a new level of annoyance. She has a gift.

A toddler keeps his shit together. He also has a gift, though his gift could vanish at any moment.

The guy doing a deep dive on the “problem with pop chips” (they’re more “abrasive than conventional chips”), keeps his girlfriend mildly entertained.

The woman talking a little too loud on the phone shares her knowledge freely: “Men always cheat down. They aren’t thinking with their things, they aren’t thinking at all.”

The father-son team impress with their situational awareness. Dad holds down the spot, son fetches the purchases.

And the folks at CVS are stellar, keeping us all together in this season of Long Lines by staffing only one cashier.

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