Little Bags of Dog Shit

About a year ago, I started seeing little bags of dog shit left in the parking spaces of a few neighbors. The bags were perched on their parking blocks, seemingly left to send a message, rather than to ruin someone’s day with an errant step.

The fact that the little bags of dog shit were left only on a couple of select spaces, each occupied by dog a owner, seemed to point to a rather obvious motive.

But who is sending the message?

I’m no closer to answering that question. Embarrassing, I know. I’ve put time into this. Okay, not like a lot of time. Not real work time. But I’ve chatted up neighbors about this. Off the record, naturally.

And so far, I’ve come up short.



I literally, and figuratively, have shit to go on.

Then again, the ineffectiveness of my investigation is matched only by the complete failure of the entire Little Bags of Dog Shit campaign to modifying the target’s behavior through a series of repeated, passive-aggressive shit-leaving episodes.

Yeah, that’s not much of a strategy.

But hey, after a year of staying the course, it’s time to raise the stakes.

No more polite bags of shit on your parking block. No, thank you.

We’re going with little bags of shit on your doorstep. 

The shit got real a long time ago, but now it’s getting real close, I guess.


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