Kids (A San Fernando Valley Redux, 2015)

Four teenagers killing time on a summer afternoon.

The two guys are drinking coffee. The two women are drinking iced tea.

They’re talking about parties, or the lack of them. They’re talking about their friend, who is “totally screwed.”

Talk turns to drivers license photos. They pass around IDs, laugh. One of the women notices that one of the guys has a pot card.

“Is this for real?” she asks.

“Of course.”

“Can you get me some?”


They talk edibles for a few minutes, then the guy with the card leaves.

About ten minutes later, the guy returns with a pharmacy bag. He gives it to his friend, she gives him the cash.

The group hangs for another ten minutes. Then they say their goodbyes.

They leave, but the bag is still on the table.

A busboy clears the table.

The woman returns.

“Shit! Where’s my…?”

“I think the busboy took it,” I say.

A look of horror. She bolts.

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