Hot shirt, dude

Several comments regarding the Sriracha T-shirt I wore today.


The barista who takes my order says I am “like a super hero” because of “that amazing shirt.” I could tell him my wife bought it at Target (on sale I think) and that he can get one too. But I don’t want to burst his bubble. With great power comes great responsibility, I guess.

A woman at the communal table tells me she puts Sriracha on “everything.” But I know she’s lying — there’s no condiment at all on her scone.

A man walking on the street gives me a thumbs up and says, “SRIRACHA DUDE!”

Finally, a random woman stops me and asks where I got the shirt. Her boyfriend “LOVES” Sriracha and he “needs this shirt.” I tell her Target and she seems appreciative, until I explain that such a shirt may cause strangers to talk to him.

“People are really passionate about this stuff,” I say.

She’s concerned that he’ll end up talking to “random chicks.”

Yes, I agree that is a possibility.

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