Highlights from the ‘Fart Lighting’ Wikipedia page

1. There are sections for Chemistry, Humor, and Patents.

2. The Patents section references only one patent, described as: “[A] Toy gas fired missile and launcher assembly… a product that would allow one’s ‘colonic gases’ to be stored for later ignition to ‘fire the missile into space.'”

3. An author who has written on the subject concluded that fart lightings “typically occur on camping trips and in single-sex group residences, such as tree-houses, dormitories, or fraternity houses.”

4. Fart lighting is a “predominately male” activity.

5. “Pyroflatulence” and “flatus ignition” are alternative names for fart lighting.

6. The See Also section advises readers to consult: Goldfish Swallowing, Panty Raid, Phone Booth Stuffing, Toilet Papering.

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