Fear & Loathing at the California Bar Exam

Some highlights from today’s man on the street interviews covering the California bar exam in Ontario.

  1. When asked if he found the test difficult, a dude drinking champagne from the bottle told me this year’s bar was a “squirrely bitch.”
  2. One bar taker mistook me for someone who had also just finished and gave me a high five.
  3. Against my advice, my photographer, Vern, tried to enter the exam room during testing. Security chased his ass out. Later, he told me that I should do this story Hunter S. Thompson style, which he took to mean dropping acid and actually taking the three day exam myself. He also told me that he is not a “law person per se.”
  4. Marie Callender’s still has the Frisco Burger. It’s basically just a burger with 1,000 Island on sourdough, but that was my jam when I was 9, which is the last time I went to a Marie Callender’s.
  5. Dining options in Ontario are limited.
  6. It’s socially acceptable to take the bar exam in your pajamas.

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