Sitting next to a writing team at the communal table. They’re trying to decide on their next project, but they keep getting distracted. Topics include:

  1. Why the sound of running water makes you pee?
  2. Whether it’s necessary to have the “are we a couple” conversation after three dates?
  3. Lit agents only care about the title. What’s in the script really doesn’t matter all that much.
  4. Surfer pilots have been “done to death” on TV, but at the same time “there aren’t any surfer shows on the air, so maybe we have a shot.”
  5. Neither member of the two-man team has ever been surfing.
  6. A woman in line has a “serious booty” that merits further discussion in their Google Hangout.
  7. Ideas that are like Two and a Half Men are like gold — very valuable, but also rare.
  8. It would be funny to do a show about an older guy who doesn’t know about computers and the Internet, but he has to go to work for his son, who owns a technology company.
  9. As soon as their agent gets them a deal somewhere, they’ll be able to sell a lot of their weaker ideas.

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