Coffee (hold the mom)

Short line to order at the Coffee Bean, long line to add milk and sugar.

The culprits are two boys (maybe six or seven). They’re drinking large lattes and pouring in packet after packet of sugar. Dad is behind them, urging them to hurry up.

“People are waiting.”

But these things can’t be rushed. One boy can’t pronounce agave, but he insist he’s “got to have it.” The other boy is stuck in an endless loop — stir, sip, add more sugar.

Dad apologizes to the people in line. But they are also dads with their own kids, and those kids have their own plans for milk and sugar and those stirring sticks that make such great swords.

“It’s cool,” one yawning dad says.

Another dad passes the time by asking his kids what they should make mom for breakfast. The consensus is that she’s getting spaghetti (which they like) and tuna (which mom “always” eats).

Another kid starts to get antsy. But her dad pleads with her. “At least wait until I’ve had my coffee.”

So in honor of Mother’s Day, I drink my coffee black.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! The world needs your help, in ways big and small.

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