Clap if you wear sunglasses

Two SoCal dudes watching the game next to me. A-Gone hits a home run.

SoCal dude with sunglasses on his forehead claps.

SoCal dude with sunglasses dangling from his neck says there’s no point in clapping unless you’re at the game.

There’s a brief discussion about clapping at the movies. Again, Dangling Sunglasses is against clapping unless it’s a live event. “People who clap at movies are idiots,” he says. “The people they’re clapping for don’t even know they’re clapping.”

A little later, a good defensive play for the Dodgers. More clapping, more grief from Dangling Sunglasses.

“You know why I clap,” Forehead Sunglasses says. “Because it makes me HAPPY!”

Then Forehead Sunglasses claps in his friend’s face. Dangling Sunglasses is annoyed, but his friend orders another pitcher of “happy juice.”

All is well with theses two again. Fingers crossed nobody asks how to wear your sunglasses when not using them.

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