Call (855) 208-8415 For Your Trumper-Sticker

I check my voicemail and hear a message from The Great America PAC, which is the official PAC supporting Donald Trump. They’re giving out bumper stickers, so I call them back.

The call gets off to a rocky start because the woman reading the script is so robotic I actually feel compelled to ask if I’m speaking to a human.


“Really, this is a real human?”


“Oh, sorry about that,” I say. “I’m calling because I want a bumper sticker, or as I like to call it, a Trumper-sticker.”

If she sees what I did there, she is not amused. But if you know anything about the Trump organization, you know it’s all business, so she gets right to it.

“You can have a bumper sticker for a donation of $25 to $100,” she explains.

“What? The message I got was that you’re giving them out, doesn’t that imply free?”

She sticks to her guns.

“Ok, l read The Art of The Deal,” I say. “Let’s negotiate.”

“No. It’s $25.”

“Hear me out. I live in LA. We drive a lot. There’s a lot of traffic. That bumper sticker will reach a wide audience.”

“It’s $25.”

“How about $5?”


“Ok, $10.”


“Don’t you want to make America great again?” I ask.

“Of course.”

“Then work with me,” I say.

And that’s when she hangs up.

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One thought on “Call (855) 208-8415 For Your Trumper-Sticker”

  1. Julie Monyak says:

    Hilarious !!! I’m for Trump but wow. You’d think they’d hire people with SOME personality or at least with some phone experience.
    I saw a whole parking lot full of cars for auction and every one of them had Trump bumper stickers on them !! I thought it was great ! LOL

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