Bad back

The guy ahead of me in line walks up to the counter at the drug store. The cashier asks if he can reach down and pick up a basket the previous customer left behind.

“I’d get it myself, but…”

“Are you serious? I’m literally buying this because I have a bad back.”

“Oh. Ok. Never mind…”

“No. I’m going to do it!”

The man shifts his weight, begins to stretch.

“I’m just building up to it,” he says.

The man starts a deep breathing exercise, pitching slightly forward and down with each exhale.

The cashier gives me a look that either says “WTF” or “Can you pick up the basket?” I go with the latter and pick up the basket.

The customer says thanks, warns us both to “never get a bad back,” pays, and leaves.

The cashier rings me up and says, “I think he was faking.”

“How do you know?”

“Trust me. I can tell when someone is trying to get out of doing something.”

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