Amazing women

The two women in line ahead of me cover a range of topics.

For starters, Woman #1 thinks Woman #2’s bag is “amazing.” But the bag is actually a “knockoff,” which is even more “amazing.”

Woman #2 has started going to the most “amazing” new restaurant. Woman #1 wants to join, maybe do a double date with their husbands, which they both agree would be “amazing.”

Then the subject turns to their mutual friend. She’s an “amazing” woman, but that statement precedes a long list of her problems. But both women agree that their friend’s problems make it hard to “deal” with her, even though she is “totally amazing.”

Finally, it’s their turn to order. Woman #1 asks her friend how the food is at this coffeehouse. Woman #2 says it’s good, which seems like a read flag.

Woman #1 asks the cashier what’s in the mixed green salad.

“Mixed greens,” he says without sarcasm.

She orders the mixed green salad. I’ve never had the salad here, but I really hope it is amazing.

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