A burger with Dirk Lomond

Dirk Lomond hasn’t lived at our address in a decade or more, but that hasn’t stopped the post office from delivering his mail.

Based on what I’ve seen, Dirk and I don’t have much in common. He’s an NRA member, I’m not. He votes Republican, I don’t. He reads People Magazine, I only read it at the doctor’s office (assuming my phone is dead).

But after getting yesterday’s mail, I realized that there may be some common ground after all. Dirk, it seems, is a regular at The Counter. They sent him a gift card for a free burger with the purchase of a burger.

Dirk, if you’re out there, stop on by (you know the address) and let’s get a burger!

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One thought on “A burger with Dirk Lomond”

  1. D. Glase Lomond says:

    Interesting. I haven’t gone by Dirk in some 35 years and don’t read People magazine (the other two, you got me). But we probably have more in common than you may think. Hope you used the gift card, enjoyed some burgers, and brought back some fries for Mortimus J. Pooperstein (he’s quite the genius).

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